Newport, RI

April 19-25, 2011

Site Summary

Newport has spectacular natural beauty, fine restaurants, exciting history, the mansions of the golden era, and so much more. But, this is not why we have always chosen to meet there over the years.

Newport is where God chose to have His Church reside for the first one hundred years of it's existence in the US, where He placed His Name, if you will.

However, none of these things should be considered in choosing to join us this spring. It is of utmost importance that you know our theme, and the teachings behind that theme. We believe that Our Savior taught truths from the very beginning, that the twentieth century church either did not fully grasp, or simply failed to hold dear. This caused the demise of the church in the late 60's and early 70's, much earlier than we could see at the time. Thus the theme "Return to the faith once delivered to the saints".

We will review these teachings using original church documents to show both the teaching, and the failure to hold them fast. Examples would be: God is our only healer; spiritual sin, not physical sin prevents healing; God uses the first visible crescent, as seen from Jerusalem, to establish the first day of each month; we are to keep three pilgrimage feasts each year; a woman is bound by the law as long as her husband is alive; and God's Pentecost falls on Monday (following a full 50 day tally which ends on Sunday).
We also hold fast to the original teachings regarding all the present day fads, such as sacred names, so don't expect to find them here.  If this sounds interesting to you we would like to welcome you to join us.  Bring your "Purple Hymnals".


We meet in a living room atmosphere at the Wellington Resorts, over looking Newport Harbor. We enjoy a family atmosphere, many meals together right at the function facilities, many other meals together at some of the outstanding restaurants. And then there is sightseeing, and a lot of walks together. There will be no time spent alone in the motel room, unless you want it.

We will be keeping Passover after sunset of April 17 (the beginning of the 18th)

We keep three Pilgrimage Feasts each year (more is better, right)
Pentecost will be kept in the same manner as the other two times, June 11-13, inclusive.

Location of Services


Wellington Resorts
551 Thames Street
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 849-1770


Services will be traditional, with a time for interaction following.




Too many possibilities to list, some starting at $40. per night. We will assist each party with recommendations, locations, etc.

Closest airport would be: TF Green (PVD) We will provide a lot of "hand holding", both in the planning of your trip, and during your stay.


Service Opportunities

Will be announced as the needs show themselves.


Registration and Contact Information


John Cloud
(781) 291-9385


Feast Schedule

Messages will follow the pattern of the "theme". Daily group activities can be arranged according to the member's interests.


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