Feast of Tabernacles 2015

September 28 - October 5, 2015


Due to unexpected circumstances, this site has been CANCELED.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Site Summary

We are a non-affiliated group of people.  Several years ago in 2009 we had a Feast in Bozeman, MT and have decided to go back this year.  We are a VERY small group of people, but welcome those who hold beliefs in accordance to God's Word throughout the Bible.  Last year we had a group of about 30 (from Canada, Texas, Colorado, Alaska and New Mexico) meet in Fort Davis, TX.  This year we are expecting only a small number ~ at this point under 20 (from Alaska, Texas and Colorado) in Bozeman, MT, but welcome anyone who would like to join us. We have no planned activities, but encourage everyone to fellowship and get together as desired to either do sight seeing activities, dinner and lunch, game nights, etc. ""                Build Me a Page, Please!    


Location of Services

Services will be held in a home being rented for the Feast.  However, if others are interested in joining us which makes the home space too crowded, we will rent a meeting room at a local hotel (Residence Inn).  Our format is Presented Messages by gentlemen in the faith (currently those attending are 10-40 years in the faith).  The messages are generally presented in open Bible Study format, and while audience participation (i.e. asking questions, answering questions, gaining clarification, etc) is encouraged, it is not required. 

Traditional type hymns are sung during each service. 

Suits and ties are not expected, but nice attire is preferred (i.e. nice shirts and slacks, skirts, dresses)



Each individual family/person has made their own housing arrangements.  One couple is staying at Residence Inn.  Other families have rented local vacation homes for the duration of the Feast. 


Service Opportunities

Do you need people to help out at your site?  Let them know what you need and who to contact


Registration and Contact Information


Registration is not required.  However, it would be helpful if you would like to join us in Bozeman, please e-mail Kate and Rod at : kvansaun@gmail.com

This way we know if extra people are planning on coming and we can make appropriate reservations for a meeting space if needed.



 This Feast site sponsored by:  a small non-affiliated group