Celebrate the Feast with Us

Site Summary

Give some highlights.  This is the place where you sell your site to the public, where you tell people why your site is the place to go rather than the other sites listed here.  This is the first thing people will see, make your information exciting but concise. 


Location of Services

Where will services be held?  Include directions and/or a map.  This is also a good place to include the format of your services.  Will they be traditional?  Interactive?



Where will the people who will be attending your Feast site be staying?  This is where you list such things as location, cost, amenities, and how to make reservations.  Add a link to the hotel's web page.  Add a map from mapquest or Yahoomaps.


Service Opportunities

Do you need people to help out at your site?  Let them know what you need and who to contact.


Registration and Contact Information

Should people register to let you know they are coming?  Include email, postal mail or phone contacts - or all three.


Feast Schedule

Once you have your speakers scheduled and your activities planned, you can list them here.  Let people know what is going to happen at your Feast site.


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