Bandon, Oregon


Regarding the Bandon OR FOT:

We are going to have to run an extremely scaled down feast this year, as we have lost our primary venue, and several of the coordinators have had unforeseen personal matters that have affected our planning.

As of now, we will be holding the following gatherings:

Day 1, Monday Oct.10th, A holy Convocation
Meeting 8am to 6pm at Bullards Beach State Park, Group meeting Yurt

Day 6, Saturday Oct.15 Regular Shabbat
Meeting 10:30am-2:00pm at Meeting hall at Bandon Airport

Day 8, Monday Oct. 17, Last great day, Holy convocation
Meeting 8am to 6pm at  Bullards Beach State Park, Group meeting Yurt

Unfortunately, we just were not able to retain a group site for the feast this year.
Looking forward to next years FOT, we are looking at more suitable locations.
We are hoping to fill in extra activities throughout the week, at least during the evenings, Yah providing.

The correct contact email for the feast is

Site Summary

Beautiful "Bandon by the Sea" is one of the many towns along Oregon's most beautiful coastline.  2022 is our first year hosting a site for the Feast of Tabernacles with hopes of hosting Passover and the 7 days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread in future years.  This site location fellowship is a "Non-Aligned" site.  This means it is not specific to any "church organization" or "movement".  It is planned to be much like the Sunriver Feast of Tabernacles site, which first started in the 1980s and is encouraged for people to attend as well. However this is not a 501 (c) corporation etc., which is considered a business by the government. People from various backgrounds, from farming to the retired are welcomed to attend.  There is much to see and do in the area for families, children and individuals from fishing, horseback riding, hiking and much much more.  Primary goal is a spiritually enrichening, thought provoking growth process.   

Location of Services

The location is at an established Church building; The Bandon Restoration Fellowship, 89 North Ave NE, Bandon, OR 97411 (please do not contact them directly as they are only letting us use the facility.  Contact information requests to There is room for about 100 people, full commercial kitchen, eating room, meeting rooms, mother rooms etc. etc.. We are planning daily meetings starting with a coffee and tea meet and greet at 9 AM and then worship and teachings to start about 10:30 AM.  Then an afternoon meal and other activities for afternoons and evenings.  Biblical and health discussed, movies and talks are being discussed. If there are people who are interested in presenting a biblical health type topic from 15 minutes up, please let us know and we can see we help edify with your service. Note: Close by we also have another alternate location for meetings too if needed.


There are many places in and around Bandon for people to plan their feast housing and nights out if they so choose.  There are stores, phone shops and many things within walking distance too!  We are currently looking into some places where a discount may be available for the feasts.  Remember, this is our first year hosting a site.  There are many camping areas as well, from RVs to tenting etc.  Please make sure to make reservations in advance.

Service Opportunities

We do have some local people here who are serving for cooking and other things and if anyone wants to help pitch in, we know many hands makes the job easier.  Also, music, singing and such things are welcomed too.  We also are hoping to have much local organic grown foods as it is in harvest and we have other plans for a BBQ etc.

Area Attractions

Do a web search for all the various things you and your family and friends might like to do, if we are not having meetings. 

Registration and Contact Information

At this time, please send an email to "Feast Organizers", and let us get to know you, what plans you might need help with and how we might be able to help you come enjoy keeping the Feast of Tabernacles. People who fly in can fly to various airports, from Medford to Eugene, etc.  If you have a private plane and would like to fly into Bandon let us know as well.

Feast Schedule