Homer, Alaska

Site Summary

Join us in scenic Homer, Alaska on the shores of Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet for a small Festival gathering.  Homer is a community nestled next to the ocean with scenic vista views of ocean, beaches, extreme tides, wildlife, glaciers, and snow capped mountains.  We can expect cool weather, with average temperatures between 51°F and 32°F.  Rain, wind, sunshine, frost and snow are all possible during the Alaska Seaside Feast in October.  Locations and opportunities are available for fellowship, casual activities, games, discussion, Bible studies, and shared meals.  Weather permitting, we plan an on the water day when we will ride across the Bay to hike up to a glacier.  Homer has a great variety of restaurants to choose from.  We look forward to having you join us seaside in Homer, Alaska.

Location of Services

All group meetings will take place at the Aspen Suites Hotel  in the meeting hall located on the right side of the building when driving into the parking lot.  We want to create an atmosphere of community and fellowship to truly enjoy our time together.  In scripture we are instructed to bring an offering to the festivals, and we hope you come prepared to share ideas, testimonies and blessings, Bible Study facts and inspirations, special music, prayers, dances, Feast treats, willing hands to help as well as watchful eyes and alert spirits. 
Official Feast meetings to begin with shofar blowing, praise, worship and dance, followed by presentations in an interactive format.  All speakers will be expected to answer questions after each presentation. 


We will be staying in the newly opened Aspen Suites Hotel
91 Sterling Hwy - Homer, AK  99603 - 907-235-2351

Aspen Suites Hotel in Homer has kitchenettes in every room. The October fall season room rate is $128.34 per day.  The kitchenettes have full size refrigerators, 2 burner stove top, and kitchen dishes for four people.  Also available is an exercise room, free Wi-Fi and laundry facilities.  The meeting hall holds 70 persons.  When making reservations, state you are with Alaskan Seaside Feast, and hopefully they will be able to house us all in the same general area of the hotel.

Service Opportunities

This is a volunteer Feast site, and we need your help:

  • Beach BBQ: organization and supplies, set up, take down, clean up
    (weather/temperature permitting)
  • Shared meals—organization and supplies, set up, take down, clean up
  • Children’s program and or classes
  • Family fun show—family friendly singing, dancing, jokes, skits, musical or instrumental presentations
  • Coordinate and operate sound system, projector, computer 
  • Registration, name tags
  • Prayer and Anointing, blessing of the children
  • Praise & worship—Lead worship, provide Lyrics, lead Davidic dancing, shofar blowing
  • Hall decorations--flowers, banners, menorah, indoor entry sukkah
  • General clean up and security (eyes open, pay attention, assist)
  • Speaking/teaching opportunities—to bring out the Festival Message of the Kingdom of God, and to share the purpose and blessings of Festival keeping.  Contact us for scheduling availability and topic discussion.  There can also be some break out sessions  

Area Attractions

Registration and Contact Information

For Feast Registration (different than for accommodations) please print Registration Form, fill it out, then scan and send as email to:  Stillalaskasgirl57@gmail.com  

or mail to:
Alaskan Seaside Feast,
PO Box 2008, Homer, AK  99603

We ask you to register with us so we will be better able to plan activities.  Please note we are not charging a registration fee for attending.  Donations will be gratefully received in a designated box and will be used for costs and expenses for Sukkot. 

Feast Schedule

Planned activities are:
A Beach BBQ – weather permitting
On the water day—Boat ride across the bay and hike to glacier-dress accordingly
Group shared meals
Meetings in afternoon, and some evenings
Family Fun show
Children’s activities