Kenai, Alaska

Site Summary


This Feast site is being hosted by our small local Sabbath Bible study group that meets in the Anchor Point/Homer area.

We have contracted with The Diamond M Resort Ranch in Kenai, Alaska to hold the event on their beautiful property and active ranch which offers full hook up RV sites, some cabins, bunkhouses and several multi-room suites, and tent sites. They offer private clean shower facilities and bathrooms, several large bonfire areas. They are located just off of the Kenai River which has
fishing, boating and many area Alaskan activities.

This is Alaska which can become cool at this time of year along with perhaps a bit of rain and maybe even frost and snow. Alaskans are pretty casual about dress up here in the Last Frontier.

In this private location we are inviting everyone to come at their own risk and are not requiring the wearing of masks.

Location and Style/Format of Services


Our meetings will take place on site in a newly remodeled room with a 50 person capacity. We want to create an atmosphere of community and fellowship so we can rejoice together. As such, there are no special speakers planned, but we look forward to each person contributing the riches our Father has given them, with compassion and respect as we love our neighbor as ourselves. 

This site is non-denominational, and we encourage peace even when we don’t agree on everything. The Bible says to bring an offering - even daily - and we see how that can be fulfilled in many ways: by sharing ideas, spiritual experiences, Bible study facts and inspirations, prayers, song and willing hands to help. We plan to have shofar blowing, prayer, singing and some
dance, interactive teaching sessions, and some children's activities.

meals and Accomodations


There is easy access to Walmart, Safeway and Fred Meyer within a few miles of our site, all of which are mandating the wearing of masks in their establishments. We plan to have some evening campfire get-togethers and share some meals in the campground.

Please make your camping and housing arrangements  directly with Diamond M Resort

Service Opportunities

This is a volunteer Feast site, and we need your help:

  • Beach BBQ: organization and supplies, set up, take down, clean up
    (weather/temperature permitting)
  • Shared meals—organization and supplies, set up, take down, clean up
  • Children’s program and/or classes
  • Family fun show—family friendly singing, dancing, jokes, skits, musical or instrumental presentations
  • Coordinate and operate sound system, projector, computer 
  • Registration, name tags
  • Prayer and Anointing, blessing of the children
  • Praise & worship—Lead worship, provide Lyrics, lead Davidic dancing, shofar blowing
  • Hall decorations--flowers, banners, menorah, indoor entry sukkah
  • General clean up and security (eyes open, pay attention, assist)
  • Speaking/teaching opportunities—to bring out the Festival Message of the Kingdom of God, and to share the purpose and blessings of Festival keeping.  Contact us for scheduling availability and topic discussion.  There can also be some break out sessions  

(Some of these needs or activities will only take place if someone volunteers to do and/or lead them)

This is a 100% volunteer feast site – and we need your help to make the festival a success so if you would let us know of the skills and gifts you can share with our community of feast goers, you will find a welcome place of service! 

Area Attractions


On the Diamond M webpage there is a link to Tours and Amenities and Activities that is very complete regarding local contact to Alaskan experiences 

Registration and Contact Information

For Feast Registration (different than for accommodations) please print Registration Form, fill it out, then scan and send as email to:  

or mail to:
Alaskan Seaside Feast,
PO Box 2008, Homer, AK  99603

We are asking for registration with us so we will know you are coming and can plan the activities. Please note we are not charging a registration fee for attending with us. Donations will be received in a designated box, and will be used for costs and expenses for Sukkot. Those who come will pay for their own lodging through registering with Diamond M Resort

Feast Schedule

Planned activities are:

Group shared meals
Meetings in afternoon, and some evenings
Family Fun show
Children’s activities