Ocean City, Maryland

Site Summary

It is an exciting time to welcome you to the opportunity to attend this Christian Faith Festival/Feast of Tabernacles at the Sea Bay Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. It is the hope of the "Jesus Harvest Worker" to provide this opportunity annually. The "Jesus Harvest Worker" is one who encourages the association of individuals, congregations, and denominations in:

  • Supporting the growth of the body of Christ through preaching the Gospel, baptizing, laying on of hands, and unification through the truth and Holy Spirit.    
  • Preparing for the place of Refuge/safety.
  • Emphasizing servant Ministry.
  • Recognizing the authority and power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Restoring the role of Apostles and Prophets of our Lord Jesus Christ as servants to the Church.
  •  Understanding prophecy and its application to current and future events.
  •  Restoring healing and miracles as a sign of the true church.
  • Proper use of freewill and judgement in all aspects of christian living, including offerings and service to the church.
  • Teaching and Keeping the Commandments of God our Father, and our Lord Jesus in the Compassion and Grace demonstrated in the early church.
  • Restoring the dignity and respect for every individual on the journey of truth and sincerity.
  • Restoring the Lord's Supper as a meal of unity and compassion.
  •  Demonstrating the true heart of compassion for the poor and needy in a dignified environment.

It is our hope when you review our entire offering for the Festival you would conclude that God our Father, our Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirt are deeply involved in leading this ministry.

Our dress code is clean and modest. Coats, ties, and dresses are not required. It is a festival, dress for rejoicing!

There are no demand offerings at any time. All offerings can be made at the individual's disgression in an offering box.


Location of Services

Services will be held at the Sea Bay Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland, 6007 Costal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842, generally known as 60th street and the bay.  An introductory meeting for an overview and for answering questions will be held Sunday evening 7:30 to 8:30.  For daily services the hall will be open at 9:30 am for fellowship, and Bible study will be conducted from 10:00 to 10:50 am.  Announcement and sermon will be from 11:00 to 12:00 noon.  The Bible study and sermon are given in an interactive format recognizing the role of the Holy Spirit to lead all individuals in truth, and to encourage the development in all individuals the ability to express truth and faith, and glorify God.  The daily Bible study will follow a booklet of scripture reading, topic discussion, and questions; led by a moderator.  The sermons will be given with the opportunity immediately after its conclusion for festival participants to: add to the topic additional supportive comments, correct any untruthful errors spoken, and then to ask any questions related to the sermon topic.



Participants may stay anywhere they like.  Fifteen rooms on the third floor of the Sea Bay Hotel have been set aside at a special rate of $51.49 weekdays, and $65.46 Friday and Saturday nights, plus 10.5% tax.  Rates are based on 1 to 2 adults per room and any children under the age of 17.  Each additional adult is $10 extra per night.  Room accommodations included two queen beds, mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and balcony.  Check-in is guaranteed after 3 pm.  Check out is prior to 11 am.  There is a laundry facility and free wi fi.

This is a small feast site limited by the size of the facility meeting room at approximately 60 participants.  Therefore if you are interested in attending the FIRST CALL you need to make is for a reservation to attend by emailing jesusharvestworker@gmail.com or calling the festival cordinator at 570-259-0213. Once you have recieved approval to attend then make you reservations for your accomodations where ever you choose.  Rooms at the Sea Bay Hotel may be reserved by calling 800-888-2229 or 410-524-6100. Special rates at the Sea Bay are available until the end of september and at the time of check in a valid credit card will be required.  Room cancelation is allowed 72 hours prior to arrival. There will be no refunds for early checkouts.  One parking permit per room will be issued.  There is normally plenty of public parking on 60 and 61 streets

Service Opportunities

The opportunity to serve is only limited by the gifts of those who desire to attend.  We would especially appreciate a sound and recording system with an operator. song books and song leader, special music performers, social media coordinator, and a children's object lesson ministry and coordinators for "Sunrise together on the boardwalk", and "No one has to eat alone", and "Biking together" programs.

Area Attractions

Ocean City, Maryland offers a tremendous variety of attractions to share in christian fellowship.

Registration and Contact Information

Required festival registration at email jesusharvestworker@gmail.com or call festival coordinator at 570-259-0213

Feast Schedule

Daily Bible study theme - Christian community and Character

  • Monday - What would Jesus do? Romans 15:5-7, behavioral ethics as they relate to relationships with fellow church members as they follow Jesus' example.
  • Tuesday - Personal Spiritual ethics  Matthew 6:6 Developing a personal devotional schedule as a cornerstone of our relatioship with God and others.
  • Wednesday - Family and Theology Proverbs 22:6, 2 Tim 2:15.  Parental and ethical responsibility to fully integrate family and faith into healthy living.
  • Thursday - Gossip Proverbs 26:22  Gossip devestates relationships and unity.
  • Friday - Conflict Management  1st Corinthians 1:10  To ethlically handle conflicts as they arise in the body of Christ.
  • Saturday - Attitudes toward Leadership  Titus 3:1-2  All authority is ordained by God and should be respected and honored.
  • Sunday - Respecting other denominations 1 Peter 2:17 Judging the salavation of others belongs to God at this time.
  • Monday - Ethics in society 1 Thess 4:11-12 God puts his people right where he wants and needs them for his eternal purpose

Sermon schedule

  • Monday  Prophecy -  The Seven churches
  • Tuesday Doctrine - The Lord's supper
  • Wednesday  Worship /Evangelism -  The Journey of Every Christian
  • Thursday  Evangelism - The Neighbor Driven Gospel
  • Friday Doctrine - Servant Ministry
  • Saturday  Prophecy - Revelations of King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
  • Sunday  Prophecy -Revelations of the Warnings of 9-11
  • Monday  Prophecy -Revelations of the Eternal day